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Rockwell Manicure Set
Michael A Benedict
Manicure Set

This is a great manicure set. Its compact and of great quality. My wife grabbed the first one I had because she said it was a great size for travel.

Amazing razor

This is my fourth safety razor (the first was very cheap). I’ve bought two highly recommended brands but was never blown away…too many nicks on a previous adjustable and had to make SO many passes with a well known German brand. I’ve finally found it…I absolutely love this razor!!!

Considerable Upgrade from Disposable Razors

Awesome construction that enhances the experience of each shave. The R1 shave setting is fantastic.

Second Purchase

I’m a big fan of the Rockwell Shaving Cream and just purchased puck number 2 and 3 before the price increase. I saw a negative review about the cream arriving with fluid separating from the creamier components; that has not been my experience. I’m currently using the Rockwell shave soap which lasts a long time and is also great, but I will switch back to the cream when it’s done just out of personal preference.

great product

Rockwell Cap - White Chrome


I love this and alaways look forward to using it. It is my go to.


Rockwell 2/4 plate

Absolutely love this thing!! Rockwell is by far my favorite razor and I’ve got a Fatboy and some nice adjustables but nothing gets as close and clean as my Rockwell!! So I will def be rocking the Rockwell for some years!!

Rockwell T2 Shave Kit
Melissa Daugherty

Rockwell T2 Shave Kit

Best shave ever

Really got tired of the expense of cartridge style razors. After watching multiple YouTube reviews the Rockwell 6-C was recommended by almost every reviewer. WOW was this a good choice. Smoothest shave ever and for pennies compared to cartridge razors! Don’t hesitate if you’re on the fence. You won’t regret it.

Poor quality components badly assembled

The nail clippers do an extremely poor job, the tweezers don’t grip properly… i was replacing a dollar store set where i lost the nail clippers, and this is just so much worse for so much more money.

I like the scent.

The scent is awesome!!!

Great razor!

My first foray into the world of DE safety razors. After some searching, I found that the Rockwell 6S is in the "buy it for life" category, and decided to spend a little more as a once and for all purchase. The adjustable angles have been great, to be able to experiment with different levels of shave closeness, and IMO, the razor is aesthetically pleasing. The only thing is that shipping from Canada to the US took a bit longer than expected, about 10 days or so. A little patience is required.

Great 👍

For the price you couldn't get better!

Great smell!

Love the smell and tin box

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor
Gustavo Barreira Cognetti

Estou gostando bastante, ótimo produto de qualidade incomparável

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor

Fantastic Product

I've used a safety razor for years. This is an excellent upgrade from the cheapo, entry level ones. I appreciate the flexibility on the aggressiveness. This is the solution to the closer shave i have been looking for.

I would have appreciated knowing the rose gold had such a long lead time but when I contacted customer service they were pleasant and sent a substitute day-of.

Awesome Razor

Being a newbie to wet shaving transitioning from an electric I originally bought a cheaper razor that would end in a bloody mess no matter what I did and was unforgiving with newbie technique. Saw a review for this adjustable razor and bit the bullet as a last ditch effort to make the transition. This razor absolutely allowed for the transition. The mildest plate allows you to shave while working on technique without cutting yourself. You can also change plates to test your skill on aggressive shaves. So its really 6 razors in one. Everyone should have this in their den and is perfect for new people. I absolutely love this razor.

good razor

nice razor. came pretty quickly and very pretty in person. good for beginners like me. i like it yep

Rockwell T2
I am trying hard to like it

The razor is nicely built! I was hoping to be able to dial in the for an optimal shave but even at the lowest setting I find it a little too aggressive. I also have a Rockwell 6S and love it. I use the 6S at #2. I had purchased an on the fly adjustable razor from another well known German brand. It too was way too aggressive on the lowest setting. I am hoping that trying different blades in the T2 that I could get to work for me. It is a nice razor just not suitable for my sensitive skin.

Rockwell 6S Shave Kit
BobbyJ Lester
I like the Rockwell 6S shave kit.

It is a good Razors.

The blade I finally settled on!

With a plethora of blades out there to choose from, I found it a bit daunting to try and find “the right” blade for me. After trying a number of different brands, I bought a Rockwell razor which came with a package of their own brand of blades. I soon discovered that my search was over: Rockwell blades hit the sweet spot for me, and I have purchased no other brands since then!

Great razor but a little heavy for my taste.

I have sensitive skin and my beard grows every which way, making multiple passes in different directions necessary, so I need a mild razor. I've used a 60 year old Gillette ball end Tech almost exclusively for years, occasionally mixing it up with a blue tip Super Speed or Slim Adjustable. The 6C gives me a close, irritation free shave with the number 2 or 3 heads but I prefer a lighter, more nimble razor, the handle is a little too heavy and the head is a little too bulky for my taste.