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Make a new razor

I sent a design for a razor that would allow greatly opening the head, shaving off a weeks growth, rinsing to get rid of the hair, click reset to the wide opening, finish shaving….the pandemic razor….no response…you clowns could make a killing with a new product…..whatever…..


Excellent quality

Rockwell Manicure Set
Curtis Baldwin
Great Set.

It works as well as it should and every piece of it feels solid. The case is a little iffy, but it looks nice and keeps all my stuff together.

Rockwell Beard Oil - Barbershop Scent

6s 2/4 plate

Excellent quality!

Rockwell T2
Robert Frazier
Love it so far!

This is my first adjustable DE razor and I absolutely love it. Gives a great shave and I can easily adjust the blade while shaving. I shave my face and my head. So there are areas that require different blade levels for a close shave. Versatile and well made!

1/3 Plate

Works just fine.



Great Razor

I purchased this razor a couple weeks ago, after using the Rockwell R1 for about a month. The R1 plate on the 6C is much milder than the R1 razor itself, which is what I was originally looking for. The ability to switch between 6 levels, using only 3 plates, is very convenient. I personally like plates 2-4 the best, but even 5 and 6 can be used on one day stubble. Overall, I am very satisfied with this product.

Rockwell 6S Shave Kit
Arturo Castillo
Supreme quality

You won't regret it; you will even love it. This was my first safety razor, and I am amazed by the high quality of the product. Shaving now is super fun as I can have a ritual around it, you know, making lather, choosing the size according to your planned day, etc. You can feel the highest quality of each and every product. The shaving experience is awesome, no skin soreness, super smooth.

Impeccable Shave! Liked it enough to buy another one!

Got the Rockwell 6S razor and stand kit in matte black for $128 after the 20% discount code. People weren't kidding -- this thing shaves impeccably and comfortably. If you had to choose only one razor to keep, this is probably the one to get. It's endgame for most people. 6 blade exposure settings via the swappable plates is more than enough customization to find what kind of exposure you like. R3 is my favorite, I barely get any nicks and the shave is still very close. The only other razor I know that offers the same kind of customization is the Karve C. Bradley and you don't get all the other plates from the get-go like you do with the 6S.

The matte black coating is quite nice, although it will wear easily on the high friction spots (the threading and where the handle meets the baseplate). Not a huge deal as they're not visible most of the time, but if ever came to replace them, I'm sure Rockwell would cover it. Their customer service has been excellent thus far.

I liked this matte black 6S enough that I even went ahead and bought another 6S in matte red with the matching inkwell stand. Can't wait to put that one in my other bathroom.

Fantastic Razor

This razor gives the best shave possible. The ability to adjust to your preference makes it very nice too. This is probably the best value & performance you can get in a DE razor. I highly recommend it.

First experience with a stand

I am new to safety razors. Rockwell was my first one. I bought the razor about a year ago, and finally opted to get a stand and their synthetic lather brush. I had previously been using my partner's badger hair brush, but it was past time to get my own. The stand is beautiful and simple. It holds my razor and brush with ease.

Wonderful razor!

I love a three piece razor so one with several plates to add in adjustability is not only a great way to add in some variety but also keeps moving parts that can break down to a minimum. I'm really appreciating the shaves with my Rockwell 6S and I expect with the different base plates that anyone can find a setting they can use to appreciate their shaves as well. Quality is great as well...I'll never need another razor.

Shave Soap with Bowl, After Shave

Very nice as usual from Rockwell

Men's Colognes

Love the colognes 100%.
The smells are Wonderful. Kinda shocked me they were a rub on but everything old is new again. Will be looking to buy from your company again .
Excellent Service100%.

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor


My razor and the provided blades are showing surface corrosion after just 3 days from first use.

Rockwell Rose Gold Series
Remus Armand Craiu
Just as good as the 6S

Bought it mostly for my collection but I enjoy it just as much.

First DE Razor purchase.

It seems that as I aged it became much harder to get a close shave without irritation. I had been using both cartridge systems and electric shavers. I got interested in DE razors from You Tube Videos and the 2C 3 piece set seemed like a great deal and great warranty. Only about 20 shaves in and still learning but I love the kit and am already getting excellent shaves!

I did not receive it

I did not receive my razor!!!!

Rockwell Razors Shave Stand

Simply the best

It’s simply the best and smoothest razor in the market.

Rockwell T2
Jake S
Solid, as advertised

Ordered the T2, a year supply of blades, shaving cream, and the stand for the T2 and brush. Didn’t have stock on the brush so had to source locally. In short, it’s seldom that I order something and it meets my expectations:
Blades were sharp, shave settings on the T2 were accurate, cream was soapy and rich, and the fit and finish on all hardware was impressive. One of the best investments I’ve made in myself in years.

Wondeful Blades

Exactly what I needed. I use an R41 from Muhle, and these are perfect.