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Rockwell Cap - Gunmetal

Husband loved it found it sorta hard to open at first but figured it out. Very overpriced though

Fantastic Customer Care

I had an issue with the razor I bought about 6 years previously. Rockwell replaced the required parts with no questions asked. The process was seamless, and the parts were delivered very promptly.

Rockwell Cap - Gunmetal
Patrick Stultiens
The ongoing gunmetal saga

Even though I love Rockwell razors, because you have to release the cap several times during shaving to get the hairs and shaving cream out from the blade it doesn't take that long before the thread snaps off -again- and I have to order a new cap. I'm wondering if you can make it out of stronger metal still. I think it should be possible...

Great stand… but the T2 does NOT work with this stand. But I liked it so much I ran a Dremal through it and opened the fork just big enough to now use my T2 with it.

Great stand.. but if you have a T2 and want it
Be ready for 5 minutes of some grinding and sanding smooth the stand.

Game changer

I used to dread shaving as a mundane time waster. Now, I look forward to a self care pamper meditation. Eh-plus!

Most irritating

I haven't tried much razors, 6C and Gillete King C. But T2 has been the worst out of them, completely unusable for me. Too much irritation, too many cuts, it's like torturing myself. Tried different blades and different settings, nothing changed.

Rockwell 6S Razor Stand Kit

Very good

Works perfectly, smells great.

First time safety razor purchase and can say I’ll never go back to cartridges even on the lowest setting it’s no comparison. Great product ! The shaving cream and the pre shave oil also smell great. Highly recommend if you’re on the fence.

First time with a safety razor. This T2 is a legit razor. Paired with a great brush and wonderful scent shave cream I was in heaven. I even shaved my head with this bad boy. Glad I decided to go with Rockwell

Very good

I've had the 6C and the 6S for a long time now and am very happy with both, so now I had to get the T2 as well. The set with brush and software was also offered at a very good price. I have now used the T2 Stainless Steel 13 times. With the Rockwell blades and with the Bolzano. I have mainly used level 4, but also 3, 5 and 6.
The T2 has delivered the desired results at all levels. It works very cleanly and is gentle on the skin at the same time. That's what I'm used to from Rockwell. The T2 is an excellent everyday weapon.
The brush is a nice addition, not bad, but I wouldn't have bought it outside the set. Neither would the soap and aftershave, but I think they are very good. A pleasant, masculine fragrance and good care properties.

Very good razor, but...

I loved the T2 SS razor and the feel of quality when I unboxed it and fitted the blade for the first time. The disappointment was therefore great when I felt that there was different aggressiveness on each side. If I adjust to 3, then it is 3 on one side and closer to 2 on the other. Reported to support who sent me a new one but it had the same problem. tried different blades with same result. I think it was sad as the T2 SS is otherwise fantastic.


These blades are great. No pulling nor are they scary sharp. For me they fall right into the Goldilocks zone. Highly recommended.

Best razor I’ve ever use. Simply smooth

This is the smoothest razor I’ve tried. I have the Henson medium, Rockwell T2 SS, and Rex Konsul. The Rockwell 6S is my favorite

Einer meiner Besten

Der Rockwell 6S ist einer meiner Lieblingshobel.
Platte 2,3,4, keine Cuts super sanft und effektiv 2 Durchgänge alles super glatt.
Was verbesserungswürdig ist ein längerer Griff wäre schön und der Klingenüberstand stört.
Sonst Top Hobel.

Rockwell 6S Razor Stand Kit

Coating wears off

I wish I could submit a picture. The Rose Gold coating started to come off and the razor started to rust? Corrode? Looks terrible and I'm skeptical about using it on my skin now. I stored it in a dry place too. For the price of the razor, I'm not happy.

Double edge blades

Very good quality well packed & very sharp! I’ve thought I’d try them instead of the Gillette 7 o’clock blade & seem much sharper as I cut myself so be careful. Excellent product.

Rockwell T2 Stainless Steel Razor

This is an amazing device! I already had a Rockwell Stainless Steel Razor with plates but this one is many times better!!! It is a very smooth razor. I recommend using sharp blades. Shaving is just easy and wonderful! I use Feather and USA Personna med prep blades. I have very delicate skin and easily get irritated but with this razor I can safely use the sharpest blades and get a great shave! The parts are very well fitted and the blade fits very accurately and does not need to be checked!

Excellent shave

I am so happy to have found the R1. It provides a great shaving experience that doesn't irritate my skin.

Rockwell T2 All in one Shave kit

Todos os produtos são excelentes. Uma óptimo escolha.
O único inconveniente é o preço dos portes de envio.

I bought the "Rockwell T2 All-In-One Shave Kit"
Coming fromT1 model, Rockwell T2 is definitely a great upgrade.
The head of the razor is more sturdy thus feels more stable,
the blade is also more restricted in the head and i feel less vibrations coming from it,
the balance weight feels more towards the top so it's very convenient for me,
the new opening mechanism is certainly a large improve since it stops the motion of the opening cap not allowing the excess movement as in T1 which led the cap to be jammed some times in the opened position
and of course the "harder" spring gives a more "precise" feeling when you open and close the cap or when you adjust the exposure of the blade.
The rest of the package certainly includes quality products as the leather protective case, the blades etc, but regarding the cream and after shaving I must admit that although of good quality are average.
Overall I am very happy that I went to all the trouble to by the "Rockwell T2 All-In-One Shave Kit", since I live in Greece and it is quite expensive to import goods from Canada, and I can recommend it to anyone who wants a full luxury package for his grooming needs for the next many years to come.

6s full kit

The 6s is an excellent and comfortable razor, just buy it blind eyes! My only complaint is that it has a bit of blade exposure on the sides and 2 times when i was in a morning hurry i nicked myself from the blade side. If Rockwell makes a new 6s covering the blade and a fresh (artisan?) design i will buy again. Now for the rest of the kit;
Cream: just ok (better than canned foam but not of artisan quality)
Balm: soothing and non-sticky with barbershop scent
Blades: bad, they tug and pull even new (but are safe for beginners)
Oil: adds slippery but makes cleaning slightly harder
Base: matches the razor perfectly
Brush: just ok nothing to write home about.
I bought the kit on a Black Friday discount and Rockwell support is awesome. The 6s can satisfy experienced and beginners no doubt. Its’ appearance is more of a tool but its’ performance and safety are amazing. I only wish for a version with no blade overhang on the sides.