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It's great!

I'm really loving this razor. I didn't think I'd be so passionate about a razor but it gives smooth, close shaves. I can shave with it really quickly and I don't have to worry about nicks or razor burn.
They weren't lying - this razor truly does give me the best shave of my life every day.
Thanks Rockwell!

First safety razor and happy about it

I have been thinking about ordering this kind of razor for years, but couldn't quite bring myself to finalize the checkout. This year I finally did it and I am happy that I did.

The only thing I can compare this to is the Gillette Mach3 which I have had for years and years. Every time I threw out the blade I felt bad about the plastic I was adding to the land fill. I plan to keep my blades from now on and add them to metal recycling.

For the quality of the shave this razor has been excellent so far. I have only been using it for a week, but I am very happy with it. I am using the blades that came with it, but I will order some samples of others for comparison.

The razor itself is beautifully machined and feels nice and solid in the hand. I ordered the stand kit version given I had nothing else for it so this was an easy option.

I would definitely recommend this razor for anyone who is thinking about it. I have no regrets!

Rockwell 6S Razor Stand Kit

A close shave

This was my first safety razor, previously I have only shaved with multi blade razors, and didn't know this was the better way. I purchased the 6S after seeing a bunch of reviews. I wanted to buy once, and the 6S sure has some weight to it and seems like it will last a long time. So far so good! I definitely recommend switching to a safety razor and this one is quality.

Great Razor even better service

In having my T3 razor for a month, I can honestly say it is the best razor I have ever owned. Even better, after accidently dropping it and breaking one of the clamshell lids, the service is even better. The Rockwell team quickly responded and made sure I can continue enjoying a great shave. Would totally recommend to anyone on the fence.

It’s a 2/4 plate!

Perfect color match (gunmetal) and adds versatility to the aggressiveness of my Rockwell razor. Mind you it would have been cheaper to have bought the 6C then getting all the plates for my other razor. Have to say even though its easy to swap plates, I do appreciate the ease of my T2 for adjusting.

Rockwell 6C Shave Kit

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor

Rockwell T2
Reginald Davis
Loving this Razor

No cuts or nicks. Adjustment dial is stiff at first, but give it a couple of twists from 1 to 6 and it loosens up. The grip on the handle is more aggressive than my other razors, making it easier to handle with soap on your hands. No rattling when I shake it with blade clamped fully into place. I would say this raozr goes from mild to medium in terms of blade closeness and feel. The weight of the razor also isn't to light for me or to heavy (didn't make my fingers cramp) and seems to be balanced just below the adjustable dial. I'm sure having it loaded with a good blade goods with the quality of the shave, but with the same blade I was getting a couple of nicks here and there.

Rockwell 6S Shave Kit
Leonid Cherkunov
I am extremely satisfied with my first DE razor

This is my first DE razor and I had a great experience with my first wet shave. I also liked the adjustment option and it's simplicity. It might be not so fast as with rotating handle, but hey, it is much more durable and you won't have any problems with a blade askew. The matte finish is also nice and looks "professional": I definely prefer it over a shiny one.
I don't have experience to judge the cream, but I liked it scent and how easy lathes. The brush is soft, easy to use, clean and store.
I cannot say anything about the blades because I was recommended to start with a different brand.
Overall I definely recomment the set! And it looks like I have a new hobby now.

P.S. I also had to contact the customer support to adjust the order. The reply was fast and my question was resolved with no problem.

Best Safety Razor Ever

This is simply the Best Razor I've ever called my own!
Every point of this Razor is Perfect!
From the Design to the Comfort and the Shaving Quality, lts just the Best ever! I can recommend this Rockwell Razor to everyone! Thank you Rockwell

Rockwell 6 S

my frst immpresions are vary well

Oliver Prvulović

Rockwell 6S - Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Rockwell 6S - Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Incredible, near perfection

I was looking for a three piece razor that was adjustable, affordable, and stainless steel. Wow, the 6S delivered on all accounts. This razor has an incredible shave with the highest tier of build quality. I have many razors and this razor has moved into my top three. I will be using this razor a lot, and it will be one that I recommend to new and experienced a safety razor users. Well done rockwell you hit this out of the park. My only recommendation is that you add more plates to amp up the aggressiveness. Keep up the good work Rockwell, you have just gained a lifetime customer. I will also be purchasing one for my son. Spectacular !

Rockwell 6S

Хорошее качество изготовления, удобно использовать.

Nice quality razor for a easy and great shave

I'm new to safety razors, so I can't compare, but the 6C offers me a better and more fun shave than the cartridges I had before (even if I used good ones)! I thought it would take some time to get used to it, but it was easy and great right out of the box :)

Could be better for that price

Even if I am highly subjective, these blades are overpriced. What's the point of using Swedish steel, if it doesn't help making them sufficiently sharp? Their sharpness (or rather dullness) is comparable to that of the cheapest blades.

Rockwell T2 Shave Kit
Steve Konieczki
Rockwell t2

Very nice razor works wonderful keep up your great ideas !

My son in law loves the razor. Did not like the scent at all of products but appreciated your easy return policy.

This razor shaved my life!

I was really disappointed with disposable razors. The cost and performance made me dread shaving my face. I am a manly man and tough as nails but my face needs to be treated like a delicate flower at an affordable price. The Rockwell T2 razor and stand are fabulous. It took no time to learn to use the safety razor, the stand is simple and heavy. The ensemble looks like I feel which is classy and timeless. This is a top notch product and worth every penny. I prefer the #2 razor setting and have no skin irritation with a pinch of stubble. I’m even thinking of buying some for the whole family because they are hairy animals. Good job Rockwell….good job….

Rockwell T2
Brad J
Really Enjoying the T2

Had been using an adjustable plate Rockwell razor previously which I really enjoyed. The T2 is a good upgrade as no plates to swap and the butterfly opening is a breeze to swap blades. Handle is long and so far so good. Would recommend buying one - especially when on sale for Black Friday at $50 off. That was an awesome deal!

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor


Love this razor.

Excellent aftershave balm!

Great stuff! Soothes my skin after shaving with a DE razor. Scent smells great! Love the convenience of the squirt bottle.