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Manufactured poorly

I order two handles, one in white chrome color and the one in gun metal color. The gun metal color one, was perfect. However the white chrome one didn't screw properly. I put force after lot a few attempts and finally it destroyed the top cap as well. Poor quality and poor manufactured.

Rockwell 6S Razor Stand Kit

Good Shave

Like the weight and the ability to use various levels of closeness.

No regrets. New to DE Safety Razors.

Great shave, was looking into a few different razors. Decided on Rockwell 6C. Never had such a great shave. Cartridges irritated my skin.

Gets me thinking about my next shave right after I'm done shaving.

Shaving cream review

Bought it for my son as part of the full Rockwell shaving kit. He loves the shaving cream, says it's the best he's ever used. I buy it for him whenever he runs out. He's a big guy, shaves his head and it's always been a hassle, using ordinary products. He'll never go back to ordinary :)

Best razor I ever bought

This thing is built like a tank and buttery smooth shave. It’s the last safety razor I’ll ever need.

Blue coating is slowly disappearing!

I already own a 6S in stainless, was attracted by the magnificent blue one. The first day all blue coating disappeared on the bolt threads, then the blue coating on the side of the plates start to peel. It doesn’t change the quality of the shaving but unfortunately the esthetic is affected.

Great Razor

I have been shaving with various types of blades for over 50 years and I find the Rockwell 6S to be the most comfortable shave I have ever had. The Quality of the solid stainless steel construction far surpasses other more costly razors, that are mostly made of pot metal. Thank You Rockwell for a great product.
Michael D.
Rio Linda, CA

Love it

Outstanding razor love it

Love it

My sibling has one and they liked it, so did their friends. I thought I would try it out and it's pretty easy to use and really nice.

T2 razor

This is the best razor - how I have lived so long without it?

Rockwell T2
Randall Syrenne

Good well built razor. Enjoy shaving with it but I can't help but wonder if the head could be narrower and slimmer?

Stainless V Plastic - Is it really as good as they say?

I was impressed when my order arrived; everything I needed and colour of the razor was gorgeous (Red) - excellent kit. This wasn't the first time I used a stainless razor I used to use my ex-huband's and had to switch to plastic when we parted company and actually the razor was the thing I missed most! On a serious note, I chose Rockwell as it was the "Holy Grail of razors", good reputation and the 6S was meant to eliminate razor rash, razor bumps, nicks and irritation. I hate to say it but it doesn't eliminate razor rash, bumps or irritation (not for me anyway) but will I admit it isn't as bad as I have had with others and you do get a much closer shave than plastic (even though I am still on Plate 1).

I have yet to use the different plates on the razor so maybe that will make a difference - time will tell! The blades are excellent quality as well. Is it worth the money? Personally I think it is an outstanding piece of kit; I wish I had thought of buying one my teenage son/daughter so it would last them a lifetime if they cared for them ... the razor will probably outlast me and then I could have warranted the money to buy it. As a woman it was expensive but eco; definitely a better closer shave and cheaper than buying plastic so even if it is underused compared to the market it was intended - which is male - then it is an investment purchase. I gave it 4 stars purely because I still got razor rash and I would recommend it for a woman to buy - do not be put off that it is marketed for males so the aesthetics of the razor is not geared for a woman - it really is beautiful in Red, functional and eco - just don't let your partner get there hands on it LOL!

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor

Great blades

Excellent blades. I can get two weeks of shaves (10 work-days M-F).

Best shave ever

Is it possible to ship to Korea? shipping cost? How many days will it take?

Worst razor I have ever owned/buyer beware

This review is for the original model T, I was an early backer and waited over a year before getting the razor. Let me just say it was the worst razor I ever used no matter what setting it would tear my face up. I'm a long time DE shaver and have many razors and I was so excited about this razor only to be completely disappointed and the company did nothing to rectify the situation which is sad because I would have really liked to have exchanged it for the other multiplate razor. So buyer beware.

Rockwell T2
Brad Copp

Rockwell T2

Will take some getting used to

Beautifully made and cleverly designed. Shave with Plate 1 is not as close, and with Plate 2 not as smooth as with twin-blade Schick disposable, but I’m happy to be shaving in a more sustainable way.

This is what I need

This is my third safety razor, the most I have paid for but worth it. I love the different head for different needs, this really creates a difference in the quality of the shave. And it's really safe. I cut myself multiple times with the cheaper Weishi and don't know why, my Edwin Jagger is too gentle... And this one is safe and adjustable!

Rich creamy barbershop lather

The cream lathers up real easy thick and plentiful slick. In winters the skin feels very well protected with the razor gliding on the slick lather. The warm barbershop (cedar strong) makes an enjoyable old school shave feel. I've got the Rockwell 6S and 6C in all colors ad I simply love the razors. The shave cream and the shave balm make a perfect everyday shave setup. Highly recommend this shave cream to pamper your face and using the Roclwell razor plate 3 or 4 for best everyday results. Note. I use the local Indian Gillette super platinum black blades as they are cheap local blades which are plenty sharp.

Good customer service

Great warranty on the prouduct

Excellent razor

Love the razor so far and being able to adjust settings on the fly for more sensitive areas