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My Razor Died

My Schick adjustable razor died! My trusty 40 year old razor that has traveled the world with me stripped its adjustment gear. I have a beard and only use the razor for my neck and upper cheek (i.e., sensitive skin areas). I tried 4 new razors and finally zeroed in on the Rockwell as the best for me. One thing I like is the large flat area on the blade guard. I am able to maintain a better razor shaving angle than razors using a more rounded guard. The second thing I like are the adjustment plates. I’m iterating between plate 1 and 2 comparing skin irritation with hair removal. The optimum razor comes down to individual preference because we each have a different beard (soft hair to coarse hair), skin sensitivity, and shaving technique. The Rockwell 6S is now my go to razor.

Perfect tool

I have been a Rockwell enthusiast since day one. I backed their original kickstarter pledge years ago and have not used another razor since. I have spoken highly of this company and got my buddy to order one too (not the cheapest razor out there when you add taxes etc. abroad). I have been extremely satisfied with my S6 for many years, but decided to upgrade to T2 even though I don't much use the different plates, mainly go for number 4 and shave about every 3 days (I'm lazy). First of all the T2 is immensely beautiful, such a nice piece to hold and to look at. Most importantly, it works like a charm. So simple to change the angle or the blade, yet very sturdy when closed. And the shaving experience with this thing - it's something else. Such a smooth and easy yet precise job. Wonderful item and I'm excited to be using this product for years to come.

Rockwell T2
William Sinderbrand

I have not received what I paid for, so I'd say I hate the T2.

Good razor, but handle to short.

Best Shaver ever

Having now the T2 for some weeks, I must say it is the best shaver I had so far. Its amazing even compared to the T1. The shave is smother, the handling is better, the cleaning is better. I like the T2 very much.

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor

Best shave

I really love the Rockwell T2 shaver. Once you are used to it you shave faster and better than with multi blade razors. It also works better for my skin. No razor bumps, burn or ingrown hair. My son didn't understand how to open the doors and forced it open. After I put it back together it still worked fine. It is very good construction. I've now given him my chrome one and bought a gunmetal chrome one for myself.

Rockwell T2
Vladimir Kovtun
I still haven't received my package.

I still haven't received my package.

Rockwell T2
Simon Gerdes
I will not let go my Rockwell 6c

The Rockwell T2 ist a high quality Razor! But the Angel is not for me! I get no good shave. I will use my Rockwell 6c for the best shave i ever have had!

Rockwell Shave Cream - Barbershop Scent
Daniel Goldberg 0546861769

Rockwell Shave Cream - Barbershop Scent

Rockwell T2
Anthony Webb

With out doubt this is the best razor i have used quality build
easy to use and very comfortable on the face.

Rockwell T2
Excellent razor & customer service

Rockwell T2 is an excellent razor, providing the perfect shave every time. Fit and finish perfect. The fine tuning of the shave with the settings is exactly what is needed. Customer service was polite, prompt and a pleasure to deal with. 5 stars for Rockwell's product and staff.

Great razor

Works and looks great. Smooth shave. I don't shave regularly, and I find that setting around 5 works well for me. Although sometimes I turn it down to ~2, for the second or third strokes. Also it's just beautiful.

Rockwell T2
I'd love my T2... if I had it...

Hi team
I take the chance on writing this review to tell you that I've never received my T2.
I've already written you a couple of time but I've never got an answer.
So here I am writing you ...

Best regards


It only gets better!!!

Been using T model after getting the new T2, boy this new bad boy shaves a lot closer and smoother than the previous model. Totally surprised by the wonderful improvements!!!

Rockwell T2
Jason Thompson
Better but not brilliant

Having many variants of Rockwell razors and a backer of the original Model T, I thought why not try the improved model.
Build quality is improved as mating surface tolerances are much better, however I still find there is blade chatter, especially with Rockwell blades.
For a reliable close shave I go back to my 6C
I am hoping for the Stainless version of the Model T to be released in the future

Rockwell T2
Kim Frankcombe
First higher end razor

The Rockwell T2 was my first upgrade after starting wetshaving. I was really keen to get something with adjustability on the fly as only specific areas of my face are prone to sensitivity. Once I worked out the ideal blade to go with the Rockwell which wasn't the included blades I was able to get an amazing shave pretty much every use. Just for the sake of it I also tried to shave my quite hairy legs with it and while it worked on the 6th setting it was a bit too much for it. Still a weeks worth of stubble would come off easy. Overall very happy with the purchase.

Folding Comb

Exactly as described, my boy loves it

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor
Daniel Goldberg 0546861769

Not my first razor but might be my last,

Absolutely the BEST

I just got my razor this morning and like a kid with a new toy I couldn't wait to use it. The packaging is very beautiful and professional. I used the #3 setting using Arko soap, this was the best shave ever. The weight is perfectly balanced, I had no cuts and nics. I couldn't believe how smooth the shave was. This razor is worth every penny, you will not be disappointed.

Perfect Versatile Lifetime Razor

My Black 6S has been a perfect beginner double edge razor with excellent finish and functionality. The R1-R6 settings are perfect for various stubble length and blade variety. It felt impossible to cut my self on R1 with my first shave but it was indeed very mild. I have not noticed any staining but I do rinse and dry my razor component and blades after each use. Also while I have never used a chrome DE razor, I have not noticed any issues with drag as some complain about. The razor has good head weight with excellent design. It is very sturdy and feels like it will last a lifetime. It took about 4 days to ship out but finally came in. Customer service was a little slow but helpful. The GM actually got involved with some questions and was great to work with.

Excellent Razor

Not only the handle, but your razor as a whole is one of the most effective and smooth razors I have used. At the moment it's my top choice for my 3-times a week shaving routine!

Rockwell T2
Jimmy Thrower

Rockwell T2

Excellent razor

Was debating on spending the price of this razor I'm glad I did

Rockwell T2
william sarnacki

Rockwell T2