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Not impressed so far

Great starter razor

Shipping was very fast. I'm new to DE safety razors and I picked the Rockwell because of the good reviews and because it's adjustable. After 3 shaves, I'm very impressed. I started on plate number 3, but I think I've now settled on plate 4. Only downside is the blades it comes with are pretty dull. But the razor is fantastic!

Mr. Gladstone Fine Solid Cologne

It is a very nice razor.

Awesome Stuff

Picked up 6s and it’s probably my favorite DE Razor. Customer service is also top notch!

Loving it!

The ability to adjust aggressiveness is key! No cuts one week in and learning which setting is best!

Rockwell 6S - Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Rockwell 6s

Fantastic razor! This is the best of best.

Wow! Best shave ever!

I’ve been a lifelong disposable razor user, and have never had problems with them, but decided to switch to a safety razor to be more environmentally conscious with my regular consumable goods. Rockwell came up in several “Best Safety Razors for...” lists, so I decided to invest in this kit.

I was a little hesitant about the whole thing, as I’ve heard that the learning curve from disposables to safety razor can be steep, especially for women. But when I tell you that this razor gave me the best shave I’ve ever had right out of the box, no learning curve required... I’m in love, and never going back. I even love this form of shaving cream, and will be seeing if I can find one in a more feminine scent.

TLDR: This is a great kit, and great for those who are converting from disposables. Don’t hesitate, buy this. Your wallet and skin will thank you.



Shaving soap

This is an excellent shaving soap!!!

Rockwell 6S - Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Great Product; Poor Service

The sets are well-crafted -- they look good and they're very functional. You get what you pay for. They did, however, take way too long to ship (well over a month). I know things are delayed because of COVID, and that's not the fault of Rockwell, but they didn't handle the problem well. The item had been out of stock, so I signed up to be alerted when it was available again. I got said email, letting me know that I should order now before the stock ran out again, and I placed my order. After three weeks without hearing anything, I asked what was up. They said the stocks were delayed so they were not able to ship my package. This is understandable enough except that they had explicitly emailed me saying the item was back in stock, which turned out to not be the case. So the items didn't show up in time for what I needed them for (as a gift for the groomsmen in my wedding), and instead arrived six weeks after I placed the order (following the lead of Rockwell). So overall I'm happy with the product, but disappointed with Rockwell's service -- just standard emails that COVID had messed things up. No real apology, and nothing to compensate for the trouble.

The only razor you’ll ever need

This safety razor let’s you tailor the shave to what works best for you. You can really find the right balance of shaving power to skin irritation. The number one setting is impressively mild and is guaranteed impossible to produce any irritation on your face. Personally I rock the 3rd setting with a very light touch and attack the hairs against the grain at an almost perpendicular angle. For me this produces a baby soft shave with very little irritation.

Reminds my Husband of his Father's razor

My husband loves the new Rockwell razor. His first statement was, "where did you find that?. It reminded him of his Dad's razor. My husband shaves every 1-2 days (working from home) and commented that it is a "close" shave. He is enjoying his new toy.

Thank you

New razor for sensitive skin

I am very happy about the improve using the Rockwell 6S / blade setting 2 (with Permasharp blades): thorough and gentle shave.


Замечательный станок, инженеры хорошо потрудились над ним.

Rockwell 6S is the best razor ever !

I am very impressed with the quality and technology behind this razor. It has a nice weight to it and a comfortable hold . It is such a unique technology from other adjustable safety razors, surpassing all its competitors. Each plate gives a precise clean close shave and follows perfectly from a least aggressive shave to the most aggressive shave . I am so glad to finally have this accurate flexibility of shaving variety. and precision. Best shave I have had ever with absolutely no skin irritation or nicks for a change . I lean toward a milder shave but this razor has the capability of doing both - mild and aggressive . Rockwell 6S is now my number one safety razor replacing my Merkur. I strongly recommend it. It is a great buy for a decent price and the quality can’t be beat.

Rockwell 6C shave kit

Very satisfied with the quality of the product and shave quality, my only disappointment is that the kit should include a stand for the razor, (I mistakenly assumed it was part of the kit)

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades

The hype was right!

Quality and performance are pretty hard to beat for the price. I had this replace a Feather AS-D2.

Good Razor

The razor is giving me good nick free shaves and is forgiving for the skin. So skin is likely to improve in a couple of months

Rockwell 6S - Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Rockwell 6c

Performs its functions 100%. Great razor. Works with any double blades.

Best shaving brush I’ve used

I’ve had a boar bristle shaving brush for a while now, it is scratchy and kept shedding the bristles. Getting this synthetic one was such a different experience, beautiful design, soft bristles, smooth to the touch, amazing lather and it retured to its shape after drying (unlike the absolute bird’s nest mess that my old boar brush would dry into). This one’s perfect