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Rockwell Model T

The wait is over. I just received my 6T yesterday. The build is very solid and the finishing is better than my old 6S. Good job Rockwell!
As a long time 6S user, I feel the touching of 6T is different. Tried once only, the safety bar seems bigger, and at the same setting it's less aggressive than 6S. Definitely it will be my choice in the next few days!

Great gift

Bought this to give as a gift so I haven’t used it but it is nice quality and will make a great gift!

The stand

Solid. Looks good and does it’s job!


Uneven results and more nicks and cuts even at lowest setting. Highly priced for mediocre results

Well worth the wait!

Amazing finish and build quality!

99% Good

Overall it is really grand. I put it on par with my Gillette 109 from 1970. The only negative is that the doors don't totally close when totally tighted down. It doesn't effect the quality of the shave and the blade doesn't move at all. So, yea! It's a keeper.

Simply spectacular

I have a 6s model razor and was very satisfied, I decided to try the Model T for comfort and practicality. I can only say that the wait for the T model was rewarded

Rockwell 6C Shave Kit

Great Quality Adjustable Razor

Well-balanced overall, finely tooled, and smoothly adjustable! This has become my favorite daily razor after just a few uses...I found my own perfect adjustment setting for my face after matching it with my favorite blade. A perfect shave! Well worth the money.

Great Quality

Although this is a high quality razor it’s much too aggressive for me every time I use the razor I end up nicking myself even on the lowest setting. I’ve used many different blades and it always ends up the same. I’m back to using my 6 C with the #4 plate and never nick myself. I wish this quality razor could dial down a little less aggressive.
P.S. I have 3 model T’s

Rockwell Genuine Leather Sheath

6C Razor

I have resorted to electric razors for the past 10 years due to razor rash around my neck. Can honestly say what a pleasure it has been shaving with the Rockwell 6C. I have found the setting which suits me and have had no irritation. I watched a few videos on the shaving technique with a safety razor and have easily taken to it. The whole process is as enjoyable as the final result. Very precise build of top quality, this is something I will leave to a son one day. Thanks Rockwell!

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades

Outstanding quality and precision!

Not shaving as close as expected.

Only OK … consigned to my box of "sounded better than it was"

The shave is just ok, the gun metal finish is unstable and tarnished after one cleaning with diluted Simple Green. All in all a solid “Meh”.

Great followup to the 6C/ 6S Series

Very pleased with the Model T. It is every bit as smooth as my 6C, but prefer being able to adjust without changing plates. Every shave has been irritation free, smooth and with few pickups needed. Excellent build quality and should last a lifetime with modest care. Well done!

Rockwell Model T
Model T

Outstanding craftmanship on this it

Great razor!

I like adjusting how much of the blade I use by just a twist of of the setting. The T is balanced and feels good in my hand. I’ve used disposable razors for 39 years, and I have yet to experience irritation from the blade. My shave is as close I want! Very satisfied


Mind the gap

The Modle T is a very nice razor, saying that its more aggressive than the 6s series in my opinion. I think its important to find the right blade for it, as that effects the shave. I was a little surprised at the gap size on the butterfly doors when the blade fell through, so you have to be very careful putting the blade in as it can fly out, also the head I think is a little to wide its a bit tricky clasping the ends of the blade with your fingers to get it out. All said and done I can live with that. I'm enjoying shaving with it and it looks very stylish in Gunmetal.

Great product

Very happy. Excited to continue using

Very disappointed

Handle grip and gun metal finish are amazing... but that’s where it stops. Bay doors are cheaply made, blade chatter is high, and size is too bulky. I bought the model-t because of my love for the 6S. The model-t has completely turned me off from ever purchasing another Rockwell razor.

Rockwell 2/4 Plate - White Chrome


Awesome razor, but I knew that. It joins my 6S and Black 6S.