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Rockwell T2 Stainless Steel Razor Stand Kit

Awsom adjustment system

I purchased both plates to convert my 2C rockwell to the 6C and although more expensive to do it this way, cheaper than buying a new 6C. The plates were the same colour and works perfectly to fine tune my daily shave. Worth the cost and definitely makes the shave smooth and easier to get the closeness I like in a shave.

Blue anodized handle

Love the color

Rockwell 6 c

Very nice razor ,
Very close shave !

Rockwell Razors 6C 3-Piece Shaving Set

It got here on time. It came in good condition. I've used it a few times already, and it works great. It's a great shave. The brush is good, and the stand is very handy.

Rockwell T2 Shave Kit
Robert Hornbek
Just what I needed

I am still very new to safety razor shaving but have been wanting to add it to my routine for some time. This has so far been the fantastic, clean experience I was looking for.

Great balm and my wife loves the fragrance!

I have been using this balm for 3 years now. It’s absolutely great. Applies easily. Makes my face feel awesome and my wife loves the fragrance. Not too strong!

Great upgrade

Great razor so far. Bought to replace the Merkur 23C that I used for seven years. It feels a lot safer and easy to use compared to the Merkur with the adjustable heads. I use it for underarms, legs and haven't nicked myself once. Would recommend to any other ladies starting out with using safety razors.

Excellent shave

Have shaved with it four times so far (alternating with an electric when I don't have time to shave with a blade). Shaving with the Rockwell was easy to learn and has been a great experience. My skin is clearer, and my face feels better than it has in years. Also enjoying the Aftershave Balm and Shaving Cream.

Rockwell Shave Stand

Very stable and great aesthetics. Definitely recommend.

Not per my expectations

Not per my expectations. And I spent too much of money to procure it directly from Rockwell Canada by paying freight and Import duties, product not worth of spending so much money. I then brought a Muhle safety razor from Germany and it is really worth.

Rockwell Cap - Gunmetal
Thomas Bezaire

Received new cap, thank you. Hopefully it lasts longer than the original that came with the Razor package.

6C - Great Shave, Lousy Finish

Over the course of 18 months bought two 6C’s. Great shavers however the finish on the gold edition and gunmetal editions are real bad. Chrome finish is the only decent one. Top cap should be replaced on All 6C’s except the chrome edition. Anybody else got this problem ? Mark J

Rockwell T2 Stainless Steel Razor Stand Kit

You didn’t reply my mail and lost my money

I’m extremely disappointed by your costumer service. Not only I lost my money and time, I don’t even have the products I payed for.
You didn’t reply my mail, and weren’t honest about the customs duties. You deserve much more less than one star in the rating.

Great razor, needs a cover

Liking it so far but I'm so confused why it didn't come with some sort of cover so you can set it in the drawer without worrying about someone reaching in and getting sliced. The box is nice but it's a bit big for convenient storage, and it doesn't seem like it was intended to be used that way.

Rockwell 6C Shave Kit
Stephen Nagorny
Amazing and smooth

So impressed by the feel and smooth action of the razor. My wife shaved her legs and now she’s sold on my Rockwell. Definitely worth the money and the brush I got with the kit is super soft.


Like a couple of others on here, my first T2 was giving me rough shaves (3 setting)….leaving my face very irritated. Turns out it was uneven blade gap with one side being more aggressive than the other. I contacted Rockwell with pics of the gap differences…and they agreed…and sent me a brand new T2 that was perfect. The difference in shave quality is like night and day. This T2 is rapidly turning into my preferred razor because of the TTO and adjustability features. My other razors are a 6S, 6C, and Gillette Slim. My blade rotation is Feather, Nacet, Astra SP, and Voskhod…..with Proraso shave cream and Simpson T3 brush. In conclusion…I am a loyal Rockwell customer and admire them greatly for their great customer service. They sure treated me right on this T2 initial problem.

6c Review

Works just as advertised. Smooth, easy, no cuts. Great razor

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor

Incredible mild adjustable

The butterfly/Twist to Open mechanism makes this such a dream to use. No fidgeting around with opening and locking in a two or three piece.

The adjustability range is all fairly mild. You don't get a lot of blade feel, and and the cross bar under the blade is fairly protective. Its a fantastic feel. Very smooth. It gums up a bit quickly with foam so it takes more frequent washing, but its a really nice shave. The edge glides across your face, and the burnished finish makes it very smooth.

Good smooth shave, no nicks; I like the weight!

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades


Worth. Every. Penny.


Great razor. Smooth shave and can switch it up depending on growth of beard