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Stand is a great addition. Only wish I had purchased it along with the razor as part of a bundle.

Matte Black shave stand

Well made and looks good while holding my T2 stainless and brush.

My first premium razor

Picked up a 6s. Built my way up to a level 5 and I'm enjoying my experience so far. The quality is there. Compared to the 15 dollar dual edge I had before, this is a huge upgrade. Would highly recommend to anyone. I purchased a variety pack of blades to see what works best for me as well. I look forward to shaving now. Combined with some artisan soap, a nice shave brush and lather bowl, the 6s has completely changed my perspective on shaving.

Tremendous shaving cream. Perfect if you want to use other aftershave scents. So refreshing and creamy smooth. I was using two of the best shaving creams around when I got this, and didn't use the other ones until this was done!


Takes time to get used to after using cartridges. A longer lighter version might be ideal. Still haven’t solved the close issue under nostrils….

Fantastic razor right out of the box. Used the 6-plate with one of the included Rockwell blades, slapped on some PAA cube 2.0 pre shave and some Shave Den Coconut Lime Verbena and had a glorious three-pass shave with zero irritation or nicks. Great weight and balance. This razor provided and effortless, drama free shave. Looking forward to the next shave with this razor.

High-quality, does what it's supposed to do

Not really much to say here. Feels great in the hand and does the job. The shaving cream and brush are also much better than what I had used previously.

Quality razor provides quality shaves

Impressed with the build quality of my 6s razor. Nice weight and grip in the hand. Adjustable plates are great for fine tuning your shave to your personal needs. Bonus points for being manufactured in North America (which was the deciding factor in purchasing the 6s over the 6c)


This razor is way better than what I thought. Smooth shave and no irritation. I'm very pleased.

I love this razor. It is adjustable for anyone and the weight makes shaving effortless. I’d highly recommend this product

Most Consistent Shave

Switched from using cartridge razors to a beginner razor and now to the Rockwell 6s . It's definitely the most consistent razor, it's smooth and feels premium to hold. I've tried using the different levels on the Rockwell 6s and I find that level 3 works perfectly for me. I shave every 3 days because I don't like stubble and don't grow a lot of hair, but shaving has now become a hobby after switching to this razor.

Barbershop collection

I’m totally satisfied with what I bought. It makes great lather, both cream and soap with a nice scent. With the balm and oil it’s a perfect family. I enjoy using them very much!

Great 1st experience

First time user of DE razors. Was sick of the cost of cartridges, nothing else, but getting more than just savings out of the switch.

Short story; first time I've been able to get a shave smooth with no irritation, nicks or ingrown hairs since ever.

Longer story; started with the R1 plate and no nicks, just wasn't as smooth as I wanted. So moved up to the R2, switched blades and getting as smooth as I was with cartridges and still no irritation, only downside is more passes than I'd like.

Going to try R3 next to see if I can improve on that, but the shave I get on R2 is already better then cartridges ever were. Love that I have the option to try out the different settings and will probably pick one up for my wife as well since she complains about irritation when shaving her legs.

Best shave I've had still get nicks an cuts even with the r2 and r1 plates but still smooth and steam and a good alum block stops the nicks and cuts pretty quickly, great product really happy with the purchase

Rockwell T2
Cephas Samushonga
Great for a new wet shaver

I was anxious about transitioning from electric to DE as I feared skin irritation and didn’t know what the right blade exposure level for my skin would be. The T2 allowed me to get my feet wet with a single razor that I could adjust from mild to aggressive. I love it and experience no skin irritation. The adjustment allows me to use it in different settings for head, face and body shaves. It also looks beautiful. I just wish it could disassemble to pack smaller for travel, and that the butterfly doors could open faster. I will never go back to an electric shaver.

measliding company

Great part,
It fits my 6 c perfectly

Nicely made metal receptacle for used blades. I place it out on my counter and keep adding blades until it’s full. Not sure how many blades it will hold, but it’s definitely big enough to last for a long while. Once it’s full, I will take it to my local scrap yard for recycling. Definitely recommended.

Overall a well-made product

The 6 interchangeable heads are a big plus. Well made razor. The heads are a bit too thin (or the side of the provided blades too sharp), I cut myself will unscrewing the head. Speaking of the screw, it is too easy to be misaligned. About the shaving, even the head n°1 is a bit too agressive for my skin (or I did not get the hang of it). It is my 1st safety razor. Overall pros/cons balance better than cartridge razors and electric razor.

I expected better quality in the finish razor head is a lot bigger than what I imagined does shave very smooth

Amazing, the best shave I have ever had. The reviews of this one do not lie.

Perfect. Just what I needed

Perfect just what I needed

Just what I needed. Fits the razor perfectly

Amazing! Used #3 adjustable head and wow. Smoothest shave ever. Of course it took me an extra 2-3 minutes to shave but totally worth it. 0 razor burn today. I can’t wait to experiment with the different heads as I personally never shave against the grain and prefer a subtle shadow. Totally worth it. The kit is amazing, now to see if it stands the test against time. No experience with DE razor so great first time.