• Rockwell 2C - Double Edge Safety Razor

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Rockwell 2C - Double Edge Safety Razor

Rockwell 2C - Double Edge Safety Razor

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Regular price $50.00 CAD
Regular price $50.00 CAD Sale price $50.00 CAD
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Improve your skin, stop plastic waste and save a fortune on shaving with the Rockwell 2C Razor. The 2C is perfect for budget conscious beginners who Rockwell's "beginner setting" (R1) that makes it impossible to cut yourself shaving. Ditch overpriced plastic razors and subscription shave clubs for good and transform your shave into an experience you can look forward to. Eliminates bumps, razor burn, nicks and irritation - so you get the premium experience you deserve.

  • • Includes Rockwell sizes 1 and 3 - our most popular settings, making the Rockwell 2C a great beginner classic razor. Size 1 makes it impossible to cut yourself.

    • Cast from premium high-end chromed zinc alloys with a striking White Chrome, Gunmetal Chrome or Rose Gold finish.

    • Precision engineered blade angles provide the ultimate shaving experience.

    • Perfectly weighted and balanced through unparalleled craftsmanship for intuitive handling and effortless glide.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 273 reviews
Coating wears off

I wish I could submit a picture. The Rose Gold coating started to come off and the razor started to rust? Corrode? Looks terrible and I'm skeptical about using it on my skin now. I stored it in a dry place too. For the price of the razor, I'm not happy.

David Barron
Love this razor

I was looking online for shaving solutions and came the Rockwell web site. I'm really glad I did, because I bought one of these razors and blades and have started enjoying shaving again. The razor is heavy and well balanced in my hand, and the blades are super light and sharp. I like the idea that I can user the R1 "starter" setting while I get used to the razor and then switch to R3 later if desired. I can see why my dad used a safety razor his whole life. Thanks for a great product!

Keary Scanlon

My impression of safety-razors going in was not good, based entirely on my less-than-stellar experiences as an adolescent in the late 70s. But based on some of your competitor’s (rhymes with “Jensen”) advertising, i considered that shaving technology might well have changed over the last 45 years.
And that turns out to have been the case! I bought a 2C as a sort of soft-entry back into all this, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. I recently purchased a 2/4 and a 5/6 plate to give myself some more options and this just keeps getting better and better!

Des Penalagan

Really enjoying this razor altho I might regret not getting the 6c so I could try a 4 plate…the 3 is a bit mild.
Have tried a number of different blades and have settled on Voskhod for now…very smooth.

Jordan Arnold-Andrasko

This razor has helped reduce razor burn.