About Adjustability

Shaving, personalized.

Our patented system makes it easy for anyone to get an incredibly comfortable shave - without cuts, bumps or irritation. Other razors pretend like everyone's skin and hair types are the same, that's why some razors give you bumps, cuts, and shaving irritation. 

Rockwell Razors adjust to conform to your unique skin and hair, providing you with a radically superior shave that leaves your skin happy and healthy. You'll never want to use another plastic razor again.

Surprisingly smooth.

By allowing you to minutely adjust the blade angle and exposure between 6 size settings (R1 - R6), you're guaranteed to find a setting that feels like it was precision-engineered specifically for you. Get ready for the cleanest, smoothest shave of your life. Trust us, you'll feel the difference.

Up for any challenge.

Lower Rockwell Size settings (between R1-R3) are for users with sensitive skin and are the perfect place to start a seamless transition from cartridge razor shaving with no nicks, cuts or discomfort.

Higher Rockwell Size settings (between R4-R6) are for users with thick, coarse hair and users lining up a serious beard. You'll find your perfect shave setting anywhere in between!

A perfect shave, for any skin or hair type.

Over 100,000 people have switched to Rockwell and are saving money using the last razor they'll ever need to buy. By utilizing our patented system, our fans are reporting clearer skin, substantially less razor bumps and a 10x closer, smoother shave. You'll actually begin looking forward to your daily shave.

Upgrade your shave today.

Your skin (and wallet) will thank you.
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