Rockwell Razors 3-Piece Shaving Set

$75 CAD

Rockwell's ingenious shaving system allows any beginner to start shaving with a double-edge razor with zero nicks of cuts, while effortlessly achieving a barber-grade shave. This patent-protected adjustable razor guarantees your most comfortable shave ever, no matter your skin or hair type. 

Upgrade your bathroom counter with this striking 3-piece set. Each razor includes a beginner blade angle setting (R1) that makes it impossible for you to cut yourself, while still getting a close, clean shave. Say goodbye to razor burn and ingrown hairs for good and say hello to the closest, smoothest shave of your life. 

Comes with Razor, Shave Brush, Stand and 5 Rockwell Razor Blades.

Looking for just the stand? Get the Rockwell Universal Shave Stand here.

Covered by our Lifetime Warranty

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  • • Eliminates shaving irritation and in-grown hairs for a close, comfortable shave, every time.

    • Setting 1 (R1) Makes it impossible for a beginner to cut themselves shaving.

    • Choose between a Rockwell 2C (features our 2 most popular shave settings) or a Rockwell 6C (features all 6 adjustable shave settings)

    • Cast from premium high-end chromed zinc alloys with a striking White Chrome finish.

    • Perfectly weighted and balanced through unparalleled craftsmanship for intuitive handling and effortless glide.

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Best Gifts For Him

Best Gift to Buy Your SO

Men's Health

Gift's he'll actually love

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1188 reviews
Great gift

Bought this to give as a gift so I haven’t used it but it is nice quality and will make a great gift!


Rockwell 6C Shave Kit

6C Razor

I have resorted to electric razors for the past 10 years due to razor rash around my neck. Can honestly say what a pleasure it has been shaving with the Rockwell 6C. I have found the setting which suits me and have had no irritation. I watched a few videos on the shaving technique with a safety razor and have easily taken to it. The whole process is as enjoyable as the final result. Very precise build of top quality, this is something I will leave to a son one day. Thanks Rockwell!


Not shaving as close as expected.


Awesome razor, but I knew that. It joins my 6S and Black 6S.