To gift is good but, to gift with a conscience? Even better!

To gift is good but, to gift with a conscience? Even better!

The holiday season is approaching and that means one thing - GIFTING! We are sure you have started to draw out a list, let us do it together. 

This festive season, let us consciously take a step forward together with Rockwell Razors!

Here’s why Rockwell Razors make for the perfect, thoughtful gifts-

Rockwell Razors are reusable!


Plastic razors are a no-no! With Rockwell safety razors, all you need is one blade that will outlive multiple single-use plastic razors. Our safety razors last you a lifetime! Gift lists are long but bills don’t have to be!

A close-shave, a clean-shave, a great-shave!


Rockwell Safety Razors are easy on your skin. They give you a close shave with no irritation. These razors come with beginner settings, meaning no new learning curves. What’s more? These safety razors also come with exposure settings for the blades, namely- R1, R2, R3 for your convenience and comfortability. This time, even Santa could use a shave!

Have you seen them?


Rockwell Safety Razors adorn an easy-to-use sleek body with a sophisticated look. Check out our wide range of collections and choose what suits your loved ones the best! They are so beautiful you may want to put a razor or two on the tree!

Simply order our Rockwell Safety Razors or shaving kits – and keeping in mind the holiday spirit we’re even giving a discount of up to 20% off!

Code: GIFTGREEN15 for 15% OFF all razors
Code: GIFTGREEN20 for 20% OFF all shaving kits

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