Women's Day Special | Show up as your best self with Rockwell

Women's Day Special | Show up as your best self with Rockwell

Two years in, it's become fully apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live forever, from our work arrangements to our recreational activities to our social lives. Women have tackled several different challenges during this time – and we found that secondary activities like grooming have taken a back seat to deal with more pressing matters at hand!  

This is mostly because the run-of-the-mill shaving routines are inefficient, exhausting and unsustainable. Hence we're here with a solution – switching to Safety Razors! 

This Women's Day, prioritize yourself with Rockwell. Here's how:

Do not settle

One of the assured ways to excel in life is to invest in the tools that align with your goals and make the process smoother. With most hair removal methods, you are either sacrificing comfort or efficiency. But why settle for that when you can achieve both with Rockwell.

Our beginner-friendly razors allow you to adjust the blade exposure to your unique skin and hair type - guaranteeing a close and comfortable shave, no matter who you are or what you're shaving. Plus, you won't have any trouble transitioning over from multi-blade razors, thanks to our beginner-friendly setting. 

Reclaim your time

Time is a prized possession in the social age. Most hair removal methods aren't time-sensitive, something that we simply cannot afford. With a safety razor, the process is quick and can be done at your own convenience. 


Practicing self-care is essential than ever when it comes to taking care of our emotional health and well-being amid these changes. Shaving with the chic Rockwell Rose Gold razor is more of a self-care ritual than a 'must-do'.

And shaving is as personal an experience as any other. It's one of the most intimate body care activities and should be used as a time to unwind. Indulge in it with luxurious oils, hot steam against your skin and the warm water of a bath against your body. With a safety razor, you'll rediscover the love for yourself as you let the handle glide across your skin.

Healthy Practices 

We are only as healthy as our surroundings. Rockwell razors are plastic-free and last you a lifetime. The blades offered are made of stainless steel and can be recycled. With Rockwell, you are consciously deciding to choose what's best for you and the planet.

As you set your mind to conquer this year, we are backing you with tools made with extensive research and cutting-edge technology. Your future self will thank you!

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