Save water when you shave #WorldWaterDay

Save water when you shave #WorldWaterDay

Besides a shower, your daily shaving routine can waste up to ten gallons per shave. So reducing your personal water consumption while grooming or shaving can go a long way in helping avert the impending water crisis. This World Water Day, find out how you can adjust your daily practices to conserve more water. 

1. Turn off the water when shaving 

Instead of rinsing your razor directly under the tap while shaving, consider gathering a bit of water in the sink to clean the razor off while shaving. This is much better than using running water after every stroke to rinse off shavings. Once you're done shaving, give it a final rinse under running water and it's done. This small change in your routine can save upto five gallons of water.  

2. Invest in Quality Products 

Investing in quality products is the key to sustainability, as most quality products last longer and don’t need to be replaced. When it comes to razors, choosing a well-engineered, three-piece design (a handle, a top, and a bottom) means easier dismantling and easier clean–ups, which equals less water used.

3. Ditch Plastic Razors 

Plastic Razors take decades or even hundreds of years to decompose. This leads to a larger issue of an almost unknown threat to our water supplies and water quality in a variety of ways. The plastic from these razors breaks down into 'microplastics' - that have been detected in worldwide water supplies - including our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans, causing water pollution

4. Use Natural Products 

Switching to long-lasting grooming products, like the Rockwell Safety Razor is the first step to being conscious about conservation. But to further make your grooming needs more sustainable, check and upgrade all your grooming products with ones that are natural, easily degradable and aren’t chemical based. The synthetic chemicals in most commonly available personal care products can adversely affect aquatic ecosystems and make the water unusable for human contact or consumption.  

Say adios to inferior shaving products and upgrade to an all natural, vegan brush-applied shaving cream or, better yet, a hard shave soap. When used in conjunction with a shave brush, these products will last up to six months! You'll only need a tiny bit of shave cream or soap to build up a thorough lather - saving on water and plastic waste.

 Upgrade to a conscious-shave today. 

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