• Rockwell 5/6 Plate - White Chrome

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Rockwell 5/6 Plate - White Chrome

Rockwell 5/6 Plate - White Chrome

1499 total reviews

Regular price $18.00 CAD
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Replacement Rockwell R5/R6 Base Plate in White Chrome. Only Suitable for Rockwell Chrome Series Razors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1499 reviews

Amazing! Used #3 adjustable head and wow. Smoothest shave ever. Of course it took me an extra 2-3 minutes to shave but totally worth it. 0 razor burn today. I can’t wait to experiment with the different heads as I personally never shave against the grain and prefer a subtle shadow. Totally worth it. The kit is amazing, now to see if it stands the test against time. No experience with DE razor so great first time.

Liz Carr
Great Razor and Great Customer Service!

My husband has had this razor for years and loves it. I accidentally knocked it off a shelf in our bathroom and the top piece broke. I reached out to customer service, and they quickly sent replacement parts for just the cost of shipping. The whole process took less than two weeks! I’m really impressed, and I’m even thinking of getting one for myself to reduce my own plastic waste.


Had my best shave yet with this amazing razor. Thanks Ohio shaves for recommending this razor so much. Never would’ve thought I would love this razor this much. Money well spent.

Matthew Finch
Great while it lasted

Cut great and clean both body and facial hair.

Unfortunately one good drop and it broke apart, after less that 2 months of use the 1/4" male thread sheared off at the base. 60 days for 60 dollars I don't plan to replace.

Timothy ODell
Best shave ever

No I have not tried every razor on the market. I quit looking after trying this one. After my usual prep, I put in a new blade (Wilkinson) and started with R1. Shaved a little, and changed to R2, Then #3-5. Ran out of face before all settings tried. I settled on R5. Smoothest shave ever, BBS. No irritation or nicks, either. Yes, you have to turn base over or trade to another provided base to adjust, but no problem with non centered blade and it will ALWAYS hold adjustment. Period. Consistency my friend. Find what you like and keep it. I'm not a new shaver, just coming from straight razor country at 71.