• The Rockwell Eco Shave Kit

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The Rockwell Eco Shave Kit

The Rockwell Eco Shave Kit

1499 total reviews

Regular price $185.00 CAD
Regular price $205.00 CAD Sale price $185.00 CAD
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Gunmetal Chrome

#DidYouKnow 5 TRILLION disposable razors are used every year. That's 97 BILLION pounds of plastic waste in just one year! 

Take a stand to ban disposable plastic razors. Go ECO with our 2-year eco-shave kit today!

Ships with:

  • 1 Rockwell Adjustable Razor - The best shave tech on the planet
  • 100 Fully Recyclable Stainless Steel blades - Your 2-year supply of recyclable blades
  • 4 Rockwell Barbershop Shave Soap - 2 years of natural shave soap to keep you skin taut and fresh
  • 1 Wooden Shaving Bowl - Fully recyclable, eco-friendly bowl to whip up a fantastic lather
  • 1 Rockwell Blade Safes - A safe, convenient way to dispose of used double-edge razor blades
  • 1 Cruelty-Free Shaving Brush - Exceptional soft bristles with acrylic handle and no animal-derived components – the best tool to whip up a lather

    Sign the Ban Disposable Razors petition to get an additional $20 OFF. Sign here.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1499 reviews

    Fantastic razor right out of the box. Used the 6-plate with one of the included Rockwell blades, slapped on some PAA cube 2.0 pre shave and some Shave Den Coconut Lime Verbena and had a glorious three-pass shave with zero irritation or nicks. Great weight and balance. This razor provided and effortless, drama free shave. Looking forward to the next shave with this razor.


    I love this razor. It is adjustable for anyone and the weight makes shaving effortless. I’d highly recommend this product


    I have several DE razors and am sore that I didn’t purchase the Rockwell 6s at an earlier time, this has become my go to razor for the best shave. I don’t give 5 rating on anything. But you gotta try this razor!

    Albert V
    6S with Stand

    My search is over, this is my razor for life, and my only razor. Last razor was the 6C which made me sell off my other razors. Now I upgraded to SS and am set for life. The stand fits perfectly and looks great. With the appropriate plate I can efficiently handle everything from one to five days growth. Highly recommended!!!

    Rockwell 6S

    The Rockwell 6S is a FANTASTIC razor! It provides a more comfortable shave than any of the (countless) razors I have used over the years. It is unbelievably smooth and as efficient as you need it to be (based on the plate selection). I think every user will find an option that works well for them. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.