The Rockwell T2, now in Stainless Steel!

The Rockwell T2, now in Stainless Steel!

Rockwell was launched nearly 10 years ago with the release of our much-acclaimed stainless steel Rockwell 6S - the first adjustable, 100% stainless steel double-edge safety razor featuring our patented flippable base plates. Over the years, tens of thousands customers from all over the world have loved our Rockwell 6S, consistently voting it one of the best stainless steel safety razors available.

To follow-up the Rockwell 6S, in 2016 we launched the fully-adjustable, twist-to-open Rockwell T2, and the industry took notice - GQ named it the Best Safety Razor in the 2022 GQ Grooming Awards!

But we kept hearing one request from our customers: "Can you make it in stainless steel?"

We knew it wouldn't be easy - with over 20 moving parts, the T2 requires precision engineering, and making the T2 in stainless steel would require a complete re-engineering of nearly every piece. But we knew we had to try!

We continued to engineer the razor, analyzing the design, investing in making new molds, and testing tweaks and improvements to measure the impact on the overall shaving feel, blade gap, longevity, and durability of this razor. We poured our passion for quality and engineering expertise into developing the perfect stainless steel version of the T2.

After almost 5 years of constant experimentation and improvement, we are thrilled to announce the newest member of the Rockwell family - The Rockwell T2 in Stainless Steel - a luxurious, precision-crafted razor that will be treasured for a lifetime!

Rockwell T2 in Stainless Steel

  • Made from pure stainless steel, using a combination of metal injection molding and lathe machining to deliver unparalleled quality and durability.
  • Simple, safe and intuitive twist-to-open mechanism for blade loading and unloading with a blade locking mechanism to keep blades securely in place during use.
  • Endless shave settings using the dial adjuster for careful positioning of your shave setting, allowing for the perfect shave for every skin type and hair length.
  • No blade overhang allowing for better maneuvering and safe blade loading and setting adjustments
  • 100% plastic-free construction minimizes your environmental impact.

Limited Units Available

The Rockwell T2 in stainless steel is available for only USD 250 / CAD 320. We have very few units in stock at the moment. Be sure to get yours before we sell out. 

Hear from the Experts:

During the development of the Rockwell T2 in Stainless Steel, we sought the feedback of experienced safety razor shavers to gather insights and feedback. The following are some of their initial thoughts:


"I just got out of the bathroom from my first shave with the T2 SS.  I find it is *excellent.*  Great weight and balance.  Yes, it does "feel" a bit different than the regular T2 and I think it is biased a bit lower (e.g. a "3" on the T2 SS is milder than a "3" on the standard T2) but these are just observations."

Sinatra Lennon

“Pardon my French, but holy s*it! What a razor. The soap was beautiful and the stainless T2 was one of the smoothest shaves I’ve ever had.”

Check out the video review here.

Mark Szorady

“The T2SS is a razor that's rugged, masculine, industrial yet elegant! Its build quality immediately gives the impression of a lifetime razor with a secure, comfortable grip. The adjustment knob is smooth and solid, allowing you to effortlessly dial-in the perfect shave. The doors lock tight, ensuring the blade stays securely in place. The razor head is nimble and maneuvers like a dream, providing an unparalleled shaving experience. First pass WTG, second pass XTG and third pass ATG - the BBS finish is guaranteed.” 

Read the full review here.

Check out the video review here.

Greg Tardif

"The comfort in the hand, adjustability, and sustainability with the T2ss makes it an easy decision for anyone looking for a better way to shave."

Check out the video review here.

David Martin / Ohio Shaves

"Wow, What a safety razor this is with the adjustability on the fly and how silky smooth it is on your face. Rockwell razors did not disappoint with the stainless steel T2 safety razor. It's one of the best razors I have ever hand in my hand.:

Check out the video review here.

Daniel Idzan / Wet Shaving Enthusiast

"I find it fantastic honestly, better shave than the original first version. This seems to have a better head on it and feels like the RW6S and RW6C and I love them for my face. They're basically my go to razors. This one could very well be in the top list also because of the dial and I don't have to take base plates off."

 Rockwell T2 Stainless Steel Infographic

Pure Stainless Steel 

Durable and hefty, the Rockwell T2 in stainless steel is built to survive the wear & tear of everyday use, and more! Its heat-conductive material allows the T2 to quickly adjust to the ideal temperature for a comfortable, smooth shaving experience. Resilient and rust-resistant, stainless steel ensures that this razor will remain a reliable tool for years to come.

Material Composition

This razor is a product of nearly 5 years of research, development and prototyping. All the key components of the Rockwell T2 are made of pure stainless steel, however, there are some moving parts that are made of other materials. That said, this razor has 0 zinc alloy (“zamak”)!

T2 Stainless Steel vs T2 Regular

Component T2 Stainless Steel T2 Regular
Safety Bar 316L Stainless Steel Zinc
Thrust Plate 316L Stainless Steel Zinc
Clamshells 316L Stainless Steel Zinc
T-Bar 316L Stainless Steel Zinc
TTO adjustment knob 316L Stainless Steel Brass
Dial Adjuster 316L Stainless Steel Brass
TTO End Cap 316L Stainless Steel Brass
TTO Housing 316L Stainless Steel Brass
Internal Spring 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel
Internal Screw 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel
Internal Gripping Assembly* Brass + NBR50 Brass + NBR50
Internal Threaded Nut** Brass Brass
Internal Dial & Knob O-rings*** NBR70 NBR70



Metal Injection Molding

The key to a perfect shave is precision engineering and manufacturing, which is why we were so insistent on using metal injection molding (MIM) for the Rockwell T2SS! MIM allows for incredibly precise and complex shapes to be created that would be impossible to achieve through traditional machining methods. MIM also makes it possible to work with high-strength materials, like stainless steel, that provide durability and longevity. It took years to get the dimensions as precise as we wanted them, but using MIM as our primary manufacturing process has been pivotal in making The Rockwell T2 out of stainless steel.

Adjustability & Usage

The T2 in stainless steel is the ultimate shaving tool for precision and customization. Equipped with a twist-to-open mechanism, loading and removing blades has never been easier. With a simple twist of the knurled handle, the butterfly doors open smoothly, making blade replacement a breeze.

The T2 offers endless shave settings so you can easily find the perfect blade angle for your skin type and shaving needs. Beginners can start with a mild setting between 1 to 3, designed for sensitive areas or for those who are new to shaving with safety razors. As you become more comfortable with the razor, you can easily increase the settings on your T2. The continuous dial adjuster makes it easy to adjust the setting in the middle of a shave, so you can find the perfect setting for you.

Investment vs Savings

Finally, the Rockwell T2 in stainless steel is a long-term investment that not only provides a superior shaving experience, but also offers significant savings in the long run. With its compatibility with low-cost, double-edge safety razor blades, which can be easily purchased online, the cost per shave is greatly reduced. In fact, a 100-pack of blades can be obtained for under $18, meaning each blade replacement costs less than 20 cents. Not only do you benefit from an unparalleled shaving experience, but by switching to safety razor blades and recycling them after every 5 shaves, you also contribute to reducing plastic waste. The T2 is truly an investment that pays off both in terms of quality and cost-efficiency.



*This internal assembly consists of a retaining ring, insert, press fit washer and a cap o-ring that grips the twist to open mechanism. Using a combination of brass and NBR50 increases structural support, prevents over-tightening and maintains tension within the assembly. 
**The threaded insert firmly holds the bottom screw that's located inside the twist to open mechanism. Brass threaded inserts are corrosion resistant and have efficient machinability. 
***The internal working of the T2 involves multiple moving parts and nitrile o-rings are considered the best for dynamic applications.
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