Rockwell T2

Rockwell T2

At Rockwell Razors, innovation isn’t an option, but an obsession. Our entire team is obsessed with engineering the maximum possible performance out of each and every razor we produce.
Those familiar with our history know that we never stop at the first pass. Our iconic 6S razor, widely considered to be amongst the world’s best stainless steel safety razor, was not born out of the first design, but the best design (for those interested in the full history of the RR 6S development, click here). We keep innovating, going back to the drawing board, evaluating new materials, and testing new technologies with one goal in sight - delivering the best razors for every skin type and every shaving occasion while maintaining our commitment towards a zero waste future.
The Rockwell Model T started a shaving revolution in 2016 as the only modern, fully adjustable safety razor featuring a twist-to-open mechanism and butterfly doors. With the support of over 4000 backers from over 87 countries, our Model T Kickstarter campaign took us over 3 years to finalize and we delivered in 2019. The Model T required a tremendous amount of precision engineering, and while we are proud of the product, we asked ourselves: could we do even better? Our engineering team recorded each and every piece of feedback from customers, analysed the design and tested many tweaks and improvements to measure their impact on the overall shaving feel, blade gap, longevity & durability of this razor.

Today, after almost two years of development, we are pleased to announce the launch of The Rockwell T2, our newest addition to the Model T series.

  • Simple, safe and intuitive Twist-To-Open mechanism, making it easy to load & unload blades and transition from cartridge razor shaving.
  • Infinite shave settings, fluidly adjustable on-the-fly using a simple dial adjuster, making it the most versatile razor for every skin type, stubble length and hair type and for shaving any part of your body.
  • Symmetric blade alignment, balanced blade gaps and perfect blade exposure and reveal, giving you a closer, smoother shave every single time, without the possibility of nicks or cuts.
  • Redesigned T-Bar and clamshell with a strengthened internal assembly making the T2 more durable and damage resistant than any other Rockwell razor.
  • 100% plastic-free razor with a full metal construction ensuring you do your part in saving the environment all while enjoying a great shave.
  • Pennies per shave and a Lifetime Guarantee to make you invest in the right shaving tool and enjoy long-term cost savings compared to cartridge razor shaving.
  • Available in 3 chrome finishes making you a proud owner of the aesthetically appealing, performance guaranteed, ultimate safety razor.

We are committed to providing the best quality razors at affordable prices. With it's superior engineering and design, the Rockwell T2 is available for an incredible price of $160.

If you are a supporter of Rockwell and have backed any of our previous Kickstarter campaigns, we are making the Rockwell T2 available to you first under a special offer. Keep an eye out for our email with offer details.

If you are new to Rockwell Razors and interested in adopting a zero waste lifestyle, then the Rockwell T2 is your best option. Sign-up to our newsletter and we'll reach out to you when the T2 becomes available. 

The T2 features a Twist-To-Open mechanism where a few twists of the knurled handle base drives open the butterfly mechanic doors. This type of mechanism offers the easiest way to load and remove the blade.

The T2 supports fully adjustable shave settings using a simple-to-use continuous action dial adjuster. This mechanism allows anyone to find the perfect blade angle for their skin type and shaving occasion. For example, a beginner can start off at setting 1, an extremely mild setting designed for sensitive areas or those who wish to learn how to handle a safety razor without nicking themselves. After a few strokes, you can easily turn the dial to a more aggressive angle of attack, be it a setting of 1.8, 2.3 or 3.4 and find the optimal shave setting that best suits your skin. 

One customer told us a great story about how 1.8 was the perfect setting for regular head shaving while 4.3 was the optimal setting to shave their coarse facial hair after a weekend of growth and 3.6 was their setting as a “daily driver”. The ability to easily change the setting in the middle of a shave using the continuous dial adjuster is a key and unique feature of this razor.

The knurled handle grip gives you a secure comfortable grip every time you shave and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the T2.

Available in 3 Chrome Finishes

How is the T2 different from the Model T?

Redesigned T-Bar and Clamshell Assembly

We elevated the position of the T-bar in the internal assembly such that the clamshells are now separated by the T-bar, preventing them from pressing against each other. This helps control the position and alignment of the clamshells, improving smoothness in the opening and closing of the TTO doors.

Stronger T-Bar

We improved the angle of intersection between the T-bar edges and the centre plate from a right angle to a curve, exponentially increasing the amount of stress that can be absorbed by the T-bar.

We also increased the thickness of the edges to make it stronger and more durable.

Redesigned and Strengthened Clamshell

Reinforced Thrust Plate

Cost Benefits

The T2 is fully compatible with all low-cost, double-edge safety razor blades. The widespread online availability of low cost safety razor blades means that anyone can equip themselves with a 100 pack of blades for under $18. If you shave everyday and recycle the safety razor blades after 5 uses, that equates to over two years of shaving and zero plastic in the landfill. This savings alone versus cartridge blades (costing between $1 to $5 per cartridge) pays for the hardware in under a year.

100% Plastic-Free

The T2  has a full metal construction a.k.a. no plastic waste. The razors are fully recyclable and so are our pure Swedish Stainless Steel blades.

We also offer a safe and convenient way to dispose of used double-edge razor blades. The Rockwell Blade Safe fits all double-edge razor blades and is completely recyclable - once it's full, simply throw it in the recycling!

Technical Specifications

Available Finishes:

The Rockwell T2 currently comes in 3 different chrome finishes:

  • Brushed Chrome
  • Gunmetal Chrome
  • White Chrome


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