How Rockwell Razors Save You Money

1. Safety Razors Last a Lifetime - Buy it Once

There’s a reason the classic razor your grandfather used is still around today.  Safety razors are made much more durable than the plastic disposable cartridge razors. Metal bodies allow safety razors to stand the test of time and make these razors fully recyclable (Yay for less plastic pollution)!

Safety Razors are a buy-it-for-life product and once you find the perfect one, you’ll never want to go back to gimmicky shave clubs and subscription services again.  

2. Reduce your shaving costs by 90%

By using a Rockwell safety razor with our double-edge blades, you'll be saving a ton of money every year on shaving!

Year 1 Shaving Costs  Cartridge Razor Rockwell 6C Razor
Cost of Razor $20 $60
Cost per refill / blade $4 $0.18
1-year refills* $200 $9
TOTAL $220 $69

70% Savings in Year 1

Shaving Costs Over 2 Years  Cartridge Razor Rockwell 6C Razor
Cost of Razor $20 $60
Cost per refill / blade $4 $0.18
1-year refills*  $400 $18
TOTAL $420 $78

80% Savings in 2 Years

Shaving Costs Over 4 Years  Cartridge Razor Rockwell 6C Razor
Cost of Razor $20 $60
Cost per refill / blade $4 $0.18
1-year refills* $800 $36
TOTAL $820 $96

~90% Savings in 4 Years

*Usage: 1 refill per week, as recommended

3.  Replacement Blades Cost Less than 20 Cents

I think we can agree that purchasing expensive cartridge blades feels like throwing away your money because let's face it, you kind of are. You already paid for the initial cost of your razor, and now the refills are just as expensive (if not more). 

Big-name razor companies purposely design inexpensive refills that are only compatible with expensive cartridge blades. Once you get sucked into the cycle of purchasing the replacements you may end up spending 5X the cost of double edge blades in a year. 

Twenty cents is the average cost of one double edge razor blade, you read that right. Buying a year's worth of blades will cost you less than one meal at most restaurants.

4. You Aren’t Paying for All the Bells & Whistles 

With shave subscriptions and fancy disposable razors, you’re paying for extra fluff you don't need.  It would be worth it if the numerical blades correlated with the quality of shave, but this isn’t the case. Dermatologists have explained that more blades on razors can lead to an increase of ingrown hairs, razor burns, and other skin irritations. Switching to a safety razor will give you the cleanest shave of your life, we promise.

5. Rockwell Razors Have a 100% Satisfaction Warranty

While safety razors are built to last, sometimes things happen and parts get damaged due to wear and tear. When you purchase a Rockwell razor, you are backed by a lifetime guarantee policy because we believe this should be the best and last razor you need to purchase. That means any manufacturer defeats, damages, accidental damage, and replacements are covered. For more information check out our quality guarantee page.  

The upfront cost of a safety razor may be more than a disposable one, but imagine this cost over a lifetime. If you spend $60 on a Rockwell Safety Razor that will be used three times a week, it will pay for itself in 1 year. When you purchase items such as disposable razors that will be thrown out regularly, you are throwing away money and contributing to waste production.

6. One Razor Can Do It All

The biggest concern customers have is whether a safety razor will work for them. Unlike traditional safety razors, Rockwell razors are adjustable to meet the needs of any shave. With adjustable plates in our 6S + 6C and fully adjustable setting built into our Rockwell T2 design, any shave is possible. This eliminates the need for multiple razors or expensive cartridge blades. 

Maybe your skin is really sensitive and prone to razor bumps so you need a sensitive setting, or you’re looking for a more aggressive clean shave, either of these is possible with the same razor and blade. We have a whole breakdown of how to easily adjust our Rockwell razors on our site and a comparison guide when choosing your Rockwell Safety Razor. 

Still not convinced a safety razor will save you money?

While the numerical savings are what may interest you in switching to a safety razor, the physical impact on the environment is the most important cost there is! If you’re wondering how Safety Razors can impact the planet and plastic-pollution, read more here!


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