7 Eco-Friendly New Year Grooming Resolutions For 2022

7 Eco-Friendly New Year Grooming Resolutions For 2022

As humans, we produce plenty of waste every year and our grooming routine is no exception. Did you know, over 2 billion razors made with unrecyclable waste ends up in landfills every year.

A simple practice of regular self-care can unknowingly generate a considerable amount of undisposable waste. But a simple switch to living consciously, with the use of conscious products can slowly cause a greater positive impact.

Here are some eco-friendly resolutions to stick to in 2022 for a guilt-free and green grooming session.  


The first step to go green in 2022 is, you guessed it - recycling. When it comes to grooming, have you ever wondered if your shaving equipment is recyclable? Safety razors last for years and there are numerous ways to recycle the entire razor and the razor blade of a razor.

Follow The Zero-Waste Policy:

Look around your grooming kit – how many of those products are made of plastic or packaged in plastic? How many of those are degradable? A true zero-waste product will be free of these 2 primary concerns that add to the growing landfills. Switch to greener products today.

Say No to Plastic:

Yes, we know it’s been said a lot, and it’s difficult to get rid of plastic that already exists in everything around us. But that doesn’t mean we don’t start somewhere! Our safety razors’ bodies are made with steel, zinc or alloy, which means they're 100% plastic free.

Conserve Water:

We’ve all heard of the dreaded water-shortage, more so in recent times, as the growing population’s needs aren’t being met by the supply. To cut down water usage while grooming, make sure to:

  • Switch of the tap when not needed. Fix those drips if necessary.
  • Time your grooming sessions with a bath so you can reuse some of the water.
  • Don’t use products that require a lot of water to clean or maintain.

Buy Only What You Will Use:

When it comes to grooming, it’s important to be aware of longevity. Less is more! Switch to a ‘lifetime razor’ rather than buying disposable razors every now and then.

Fix the lights:

It’s hard to not admire yourself in the mirror, especially under bright lights. Although, brighter lights usually mean more power consumption, go for LEDs, or slightly less bright lights…and don’t forget to switch them off when not in use.

Opt For Plastic-Free Packaging:

It’s important to look for the packaging along with your grooming products, as they can come with A LOT of packaging that consists of plastic. Fortunately, Rockwell offers you minimal plastic packaging that doesn’t leave behind a large pile of plastic waste.

With everyone’s shared efforts, a significant reduction in waste build-up can be achieved over time while ensuring you look just as great without the waste.

Join the eco-friendly squad in 2022!

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