5 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For A Good Shave

5 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For A Good Shave

Razor burn, blunt blades and patchy stubble – doesn’t sound too good does it? A bad shave can leave you feeling rushed and frankly, a little crushed too. Bottom line: If you have the right tools, there is nothing quite like a good shave to give you that confidence boost. A clean, smooth shave; perfecting your facial art; over even just a quick clean up of excess stubble can leave you feeling like a million bucks. Here’s why you should give thanks to a good shave!

A good shave promotes self-care

Shaving isn’t your typical over-the-sink routine any more. Taking a few minutes (that’s literally all you need with the right razor, we recommend a double edge safety Rockwell Razor) out of a hectic routine to focus on yourself is the perfect way to indulge in a little self-care. From lathering to aftershave, self-care rituals have been clinically proven to reduce anxiety and stress, improve concentration and increase happiness.

A good shave means good skin

A good shave is better on the skin. When you use the right safety razor, you’re not just giving yourself a clean shave but good skin as well. It’s scientifically proven that a double edge safety razor prevents skin irritation, ingrown hair and razor bumps. It offers you a smooth finish, gentle exfoliation and is even safe to use over those stubborn spots. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Shaving with a multi-blade razor:

Shaving with a single blade razor:

A good shave encourages you to mix it up

When you’re confident with your razor, you’re more likely to try out different styles. Whether you want to go completely clean, perfect your beard lines or sport a subtle stubble, the Rockwell Razor has 6 shave settings that lets you achieve it all. No fussy functions, no multiple tools. Just serving sharp looks.

A good shave makes your day easier

Like a good breakfast vs. a bad breakfast, how you start your day can set the tone for the rest of the day. When you skip the bumps for a smooth ride, you ease into your day, setting the mood for all future interactions. A smooth shave often means a smooth day.

A good shave has a feel good factor

A good shave is one that makes you feel good beyond just your own appearance. It's good because you know you’re doing right by the environment as well. Save water when you can, ditch disposable razors and use cruelty-free products to shave with.

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